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Moringa – Its Properties and Benefits

The most popular moringa is known as moringa oleífera, a tree that comes from India, more specifically from the state of Kerala, a variety that is also cultivated in the tropics. It belongs to the Moringoceae family.

Just as in the animal world of pigs it is said that they are used “even on foot”, in the vegetable moringa is used from roots to leaves, without neglecting its stems and flowers, which is worth its classification as a superfood, or what It is the same, as one of the most complete foods on the planet.

If you are one of those who likes to take care of themselves in the most natural way possible, moringa will conquer you from the first moment. Give it a chance and your health will be most grateful …

¿What is moringa for?

Moringa, which some call moringa, has a high content of proteins, vitamins and minerals and an extraordinary amount of antioxidants that attribute excellent qualities in nutrition and human health. Among other things, the so-called “Miracle Tree” serves to:

  • Increase the body’s defenses and promote its cellular structure
  • Keeping serum cholesterol levels at bay
  • Combat the effects of aging and beautify the skin by acting as a powerful antioxidant
  • Help optimal kidney and liver function
  • Promote proper digestion
  • Produce a general feeling of well-being
  • Regulate blood sugar levels
  • Provide energy and vitality
  • Exercise as an anti-inflammatory
  • Contribute to a healthy circulatory system
  • It is a quality supplement for athletes and people with nutritional deficiencies

As we have already indicated, almost all the structures of the tree have therapeutic properties, but its leaves, fruits and seeds are the most valued for their diverse application when it comes to preventing and controlling diseases of a very diverse nature.

Lose weight with Moringa

Do you want to lose weight? Decide on moringa and the results will soon speak for themselves! This superfood is especially indicated in diets to lose weight, especially if they are rigorous and therefore significantly reduce the availability of nutrients that the body needs.

Forget about worries because moringa will be on your side to recover them. Moringa oleífera is a plant belonging to a family that is made up of thirteen species, among which the cited one is the most common, followed by Moringa stenopetala.

It is ideal for weight loss due to its high content of nutrients that contrasts with its low fat content, which makes it an ideal substitute for many foods and is low in calories.

A diet that is based on the consumption of moringa will allow you to reduce the number of calories you consume without affecting in any way the intake levels of the other nutrients.

Recent studies have shown that the use of moringa to reduce weight part of its splendid amount of glucosinates, which once are converted to isothiocinates during digestion, tend to accelerate metabolism and therefore burn calories.

The fact that it is rich in B vitamins, improves digestion and helps the body transform food into energy without actually storing fat, which translates into weight loss.

In the same way, it has been shown that moringa not only reduces the weight of those who consume it, but also accelerates metabolism, reduces hunger and brings a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Its high level of nutrients counteracts the effects of both the inadvisable very strict diets and any general regimen used to lose weight. Of course, naturally, the intake of moringa must be combined with a balanced diet and daily physical activity if you want to achieve the set goals.

Its role in malnutrition

The fact that moringa is extremely rich in vital nutrients together with its rapid growth in the driest and most impoverished areas of the world, where food is scarce, makes it a great weapon to fight malnutrition, to the point that it can help to those most in need and even save lives!

Its leaves or their powder can be used successfully in feeding infants, young children or pregnant women, as well as by anyone else.

It works for mom

Moringa contributes to increasing the production of breast milk, whether consumed before or after the baby is born. In pregnant women and infants, it is most beneficial because it maintains the health of the mother and constitutes an extra contribution of strength for the fetus or the nursing child.

There are several studies that support the potentiating effect of moringa leaves in lactation, which has been demonstrated given that it increases the levels of maternal serum prolactin as well as the percentages of weight gain of infants given birth by mothers who consume this food.

For all these reasons, it is recommended to use moringa for mothers of preterm infants, as it will have a very positive impact on breastfeeding. If we refer to depressed areas where there is a shortage of supplies of basic products, ensuring the adequate supply of breast milk is crucial.

An excellent alternative to treat sexual disorders and infertility

Did you know that moringa is an ideal alternative to treatments for sexual disorders? Traditionally it has been used to increase sexual desire and resistance, thus treating male sexual disorders.

As for the dreaded infertility, of which 30% originate from male factors, there are several conditions that interfere with spermatogenesis, reducing sperm production and quality. Causes such as chemotherapy, toxins, environmental contamination or drug treatments as well as insufficient vitamin intake are very negative for normal sperm production.

It is here where moringa plays a fundamental role, since it has been found that its consumption produces greater effects on the reproductive system and fertility in adult males.

At the same time, it is used as an aphrodisiac with which to alleviate sexual dysfunction, since its leaf extract mitigates such dysfunction.

Properties and benefits of moringa

If there is something that cannot be denied to moringa, it is its innumerable medicinal properties. This tree, native to India but growing in subtropical countries on both the Asian and African continents, is possessed of multiple therapeutic qualities.

Its leaves, pods, seeds, flowers, roots, branches, oil and bark have been used for food consumption and health maintenance.

As for its nutritional value, its content in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids, make it a wonderful natural resource with which to prevent the lack of such basic nutrients.

The one that also contains polyphenols and flavonoids, reinforces its medicinal activity. Read on and you will finally convince yourself why consuming moringa will be great for you.

The proven benefits of moringa are:

  • Its high antioxidant power. Its leaves contain various types of antioxidants, among which stand out ascorbic acid (vitamin C), flavonoids, phenols and carotenoids, which have the ability to inhibit erosions at the oxidation level of our DNA.
  • It is antidiabetic or antihyperglycemic, so it is interesting to take it for patients diagnosed with diabetes. It has been found that those who suffer from type II diabetes and are treated with moringa leaf powder, have reduced blood sugar levels, with the consequent benefits for their health.
  • It controls cholesterol levels, since its ground leaves and its extract have antidislipidemic activity, which reduces the levels of lipids or fat in the blood. Thus, people who have alterations or excess blood lipids, such as cholesterol, will appreciate their consumption,
  • It acts as a protector of tissues and heals wounds, since one of its therapeutic properties is to protect the tissues of such vital organs as the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and testicles. At the same time, it stimulates wound healing to heal well.
  • It exerts analgesic action. It mitigates or alleviates the pains that our organism may suffer. It is very effective with those that cause arthritis.
  • It prevents stomach ulcers and heartburn, due to its anti-ulcer effect that makes it a natural remedy that prevents stomach ulcers, protecting it from damage.
  • It is ideal for hypertensive patients. Its antihypertensive activity greatly favors those who suffer from high blood pressure or high blood pressure and who will avoid having to suffer from leg pain when walking, male impotence, vision problems, kidney failure, arrhythmias, heart hypertrophy, angina pectoris and coronary insufficiency that produce continuous excess pressure on the walls of the arteries.
  • It has anti-inflammatory effects, which is why it is an invaluable aid in medical conditions that are caused by inflammation or that include it as a symptom such as arthritis, obesity or trauma.
  • Protects the liver by having hepatoprotective action, very useful for people who want to prevent liver ailments or who already suffer from them and want to improve their condition.
  • It slows down the proliferation of cancer cells, particularly cancer cells of the lung and other organs.
  • It prevents cataracts. This food helps to take care of the sight, avoiding the appearance of cataracts, especially those that are due to diabetes.
  • Strengthens the immune system thanks to its immunostimulatory effect, found in clinical studies carried out with animals and in small doses.
  • It stimulates cognitive function, which enhances memory and learning, protecting the central nervous system in case of dementia. Furthermore, oral doses of moringa attenuate ischemic-induced brain dysfunction.
  • It improves asthma, making its symptoms remit due to its anti-asthmatic action that alleviates the symptoms of bronchial asthma.
  • It is cardioprotective since it cares for the heart, so that it performs its functions better while stimulating blood circulation, has a mild anticoagulant effect and prevents cardiovascular diseases, the leading cause of death worldwide today.

Other possible medicinal qualities of this tree are being studied, such as its neuroprotective action. As you can see, moringa is a whole “box of surprises”…

Nutritional compositionNutritional values

How to take moringa

In a thousand and one ways! The most recommended to eat, yes, it is raw or barely cooked, as this is how its properties remain intact. It’s taste? Delicious!

You can replace the vegetables you usually cook with moringa leaves, turning any dish into a very healthy recipe. Dare to prepare moringa tea simply with the infusion of its leaves.

Add it to a container with water that you have previously boiled or collect it in small bags as if it were the tea of ​​a lifetime. Although when taking moringa in tea, this plant does not retain all its properties, it is most nutritious and is very, very tasty.

Where to buy moringa

You will not find any difficulty to buy moringa online since herbalists, specialized stores and supermarkets display it on their shelves and, apart from that, you have the option of acquiring it comfortably from home via online. At Amazon you will find the widest variety of moringa in capsules, powder or oil at a great price and with guaranteed quality.

If you choose it in capsules, it usually comes enriched and designed to take one a day. The directions on the package. If you buy it in powder, add a tablespoon to your glass of orange juice or any other to your liking and get ready to enjoy while you take care of yourself!

Remember that, as a food supplement, it is unmatched as it contains omega 3, 6 and 9.

Other curiosities …

The multiple benefits of moringa are out of the question but as their knowledge progresses, they are more surprising, did you know that its seeds even purify water?

From the digestive point of view, its richness in fiber makes it clean this system and its isothiocyanates attract attention for their antibacterial properties, which help the body to eliminate the H. pylori bacteria that is involved in processes such as gastritis, gastric cancer and ulcers.

It is argued that moringa’s ability to bind to harmful materials can also occur in the body, making it a potential mechanism for detoxifying it.

Iron deficiency or anemia so common today, especially in women, is a nutritional problem that can correct moringa. Hemoglobin levels in women of reproductive age will markedly improve with their intake.

Not surprisingly, this food has considerably more iron than spinach. Its high amounts of vitamin C make it an unbeatable source of absorbable iron.

It is considered a powerful natural aphrodisiac and an alternative remedy of the safest and most effective in male sexual disorders that also increases sexual resistance and desire.

In short, moringa is everything we have told you and much more, you have no excuse to stop trying it!

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