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Cookies policy

Use of foodsupplement cookies

By virtue of the provisions of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, we inform you of the use of cookies on the websites and applications of foodsupplement (see our Legal Notice) in order that said website can store and retrieve information regarding the browsing habits of users or their computers. Depending on the information contained and the way in which the equipment is used, cookies may be used to recognize the user, offering him information that may be of interest to him.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file whose mission is to download to your computer or to the device that you are using when accessing certain web pages or applications. Cookies are intended, among other things, to proceed with the collection of statistical information, to facilitate some technical functionalities and to store and retrieve information related to the browsing habits or preferences of a user or their equipment.

A cookie is stored on a computer to identify the browser while interacting with our websites or applications. As long as the browser preferences allow it, a website may set a cookie on it. A browser is only authorized to allow a website to access the cookies that it sets itself, but never to those set by other websites.

Third party cookies are used on the websites and applications of foodsupplement, designed to collect anonymous statistical data on the visits received in order to be able to optimally monitor the advertising campaigns in force at the time of the visit.

Where is the importance of cookies?

foodsupplement uses these cookies for the following reasons:

  • Operational: Control and limit traffic and data communication as a mechanism to ensure service.
  • To facilitate its use: Make it easier and improve navigation on web pages, blogs and applications, remembering, for example, the elements that make up an order. Certain cookies are essential for the correct use of services on the foodsupplement websites and blogs.

foodsupplement in no case carries out any registration of the activities that the user carries out on the network or makes profiles of it.

What types of cookies does foodsupplement use?

  • Technical Cookies: They help to control traffic as well as data communication, to identify the session, to contribute to the improvement of the quality of our service, which includes the storage of user preferences, the improvement of the selection of Ads presented to you as well as search results and the ability to track two user trends. Cookies are also used in advertising media to facilitate advertisers to manage their advertising through the web.
  • Advertising management cookies: These are third-party cookies that are used to provide advertising to our websites and applications. With them, anonymous statistical data on the visits received are collected, promoting optimal monitoring of an advertising campaign.
  • They have the ability to collect information that will include the IP of the user and Internet provider, usually for the purposes of geotargeting or measurement of the exposure of certain ads, which will depend on the way the browser is configured and how it behaves when exposed. to advertising campaigns developed on the Internet: the number of impressions of a specific advertising medium, the number of clicks, the number of visitors to the page, etc.
  • Statistical cookies: Responsible for collecting information on the date of visit, the title of the website visited and the URL. The reports to which said place information will be eminently statistical in nature and will be limited to reporting on the browsing behavior in an anonymous way.
  • Session cookies: They keep information on the type of user visiting foodsupplement, proceeding to save the user nick so that they do not have to enter it page by page. Likewise, encrypted information and information related to the user’s favorites are kept.
  • Analytical Cookies: Designed to track the search engine from which the web has been visited and the search terms used to find it. In the same way, they take charge of calculating the time the user spends on the web in each session and the number of times he has visited the page. Whenever services are incorporated or excluded on the websites and applications, the list of cookies may be modified
Types of cookies by expiration

Cookies used by foodsupplement can obey the following types of expiration:

  • Session: Whose expiration occurs each time the user leaves the session.
  • Of Service: Related to some personalized service inside the site and that have an expiration of less than 24 hours.

Persistent: Installed in your browser permanently, activating each time you visit the site, unless its use is deactivated.